Original Post: June 1, 2020

Updated Post: June 1, 2020


Gregg & Lynn have been together 37 years. We have children and grandchildren all over the United States.  We have lived and worked in Utah, Oregon, Arizona and California.  Gregg is an IT support professional/customer service for the past 40 years.  Lynn worked for a grocery chain (Albertsons) in Oregon, Arizona and California.  Her job was supervisor, hiring and training of 60 employees in customer service and daily operations. In 2005 Lynn was able to stop working to do volunteer work and take classes for interior design. We became very involved with Kiwanis club, helping with city volunteer work and organizing fund raisers.  Much of our lives have been spent doing home improvement.   Little did we know that all these life skills were guiding us to owning a bed and breakfast.  We purchased the foothill house in 2014 and since that time we have put our blood, sweat, tears and laughter into the improvement of the 1 acre property.  Please see our before and after pics


Gregg as an IT support profession in Santa Rosa Monday through Friday and hands on daily at the B&B. Lynn works daily at the B&B organizing, planning, development.  LOL that means she does whatever is needed to be done at the B&B.  Gregg & Lynn have a list of loves; each other, family, pets, being creative and travel.  Also, we have a list of loves operating the B&B; gardening, cooking, entertainment.  Mostly we love being a helpful hand in ensuing guests have (hopefully great) visit.  


We are always looking to the future with our lives and the B&B is a large part of that vision. Organize plan and development but be extremely flexible :) :).  After so much down time we want to and need to get business up and operating.  Please help us and come to the foothill house.

If you have stayed with us in the past, you already know we are the best choice for a relaxing and safe getaway.  If it is your first time read our (good news page) and view our reviews that give us a 9.9 rating.

Cheers and we hope to see you soon...