Original Post: June 1, 2020

Updated Post: June 1, 2020


Lynn was closely watching world news in January and was very concerned in what she saw regarding how quickly the corona virus was spreading in China.  Why not here she said?  We began following the news daily.  Gregg went to New York on Feb 28 for 4 days on a business trip.  To say the least Lynn was very concerned .  A week later the pandemic was declared.   (March 16th) with the epicenter for the US in New York City!  As Lynn likes to say, Gregg was very lucky and missed that bullet!   We shut down for Guests and our last stranded guests were from the UK who were trying to get a fly back to their home.  They didn't want to stay in San Francisco because of the virus concerns.  They finally got a flight out after three canceled flights and arrived home safely to their family.


We have been currently shutdown since March and hopefully opening back up for guests on July 8th, 2020.   We have been living on a one day at a time philosophy.  I think many of you totally know what this means. With all the stress, we are grateful to know that our family worldwide have not had any members contract the virus.  Because the foothill has been closed it has given us a lot of elbow room that we have appreciated.   Gregg has his “honey do list” almost done.  However, Lynn has kept busy going from place to place increasing Gregg’s “honey do list”.  She also has got a lot of projects done.  Look for her newly hand painted huge mailbox out on the street.  We are counting the days to when we can have people back at the foothill house.  We are ready to welcome our needed guests.

Fall & Winter 2020

A combination of Covid-19,  Napa Fires and PG&E Public Safety Power Shutdowns  kept us guessing as to what our availability was to have guests with a return hard close in December of 2020 due to Covid.  We remained closed through early February.


We are grateful that we can and have starting taking guests again with our reopening back up Valentines Weekend 2021. We are making our lists and we find that our lists have lists for how to prepare for safety and comfort of our guests.  We have a list of issues that we will be proactive on addressing concerns regarding virus mitigation.  See our list at the bottom of this page**.  We are reaching out not only to new guests but also past guests, to welcome back.  Please help the Foothill House to keep going by visiting us (Lynn& Gregg) soon.

Thank you & cheers.

Lynn & Gregg


Good News

**These preventive measures have been implemented to give our valued guests a relaxed and comfortable “Get Away”

  • 24+ hours between guests in the same room to allow time for extra cleaning
  • Rooms cleaned with disinfecting cleaners
  • (all surfaces, handles, light switches. floors and more)
  • Housekeepers wear masks and gloves
  • Bedding and towels cleaned and dried on sanitize settings
  • Sanitized serving plates and utensils
  • Posted cleaning chart in room

More Reasons why you have the right place for your stay

  • Each room has private entrance & patio
  • Breakfast is served to your room
  • Only 6-8 guests on property at any one time
  • Only 5 employees (family owned & operated)
  • Hosts are 100% customer service focused